A selection of different products in different flavors (mild, mature, sweet, sour …) ensure an inspiring experience at any reception. Holistic coaching takes a similar approach.

One of my great strengths is holistic coaching. What may seem difficult or complicated to you becomes easy if we do it together.

I offer companies support in

  • Brainstorming

Gathering ideas on various topics in the areas of HR, logistics and supply chain management to drive the company forward.

  • Concept Development

The basis of every successful consulting project is the concept design with budget goals, deadlines, and expectations.

I offer job seekers

  • Stress interviews

Preparation is key to successful job interviews. Based on your CV, I will pose critical questions that HR managers or future line managers might ask.

  • Curriculum Vitae

I help you prepare a crisp and state-of-the-art CV and show you how to avoid pitfalls. and show you how to avoid pitfalls.

  • Letter of Motivation

I’ll show you how to write a short, punchy letter of motivation that arouses the recipient’s interest.


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