A = Advisory Services

More pleasure with new recipes. I support you in finding a strategy for more competitiveness and efficiency.

NEW: Since March 2019 I am a partner of the SC-X – The Supply Chain Experts network.

To advise someone means:

  • Target oriented approach
  • Know the needs exactly
  • Develop solutions in a team
  • Conduct the realisation
  • Be practice-oriented

What can you expect from AOC

  • Independence in choice in respect of verification supplies or other partners of the client.
  • Objectivity: in the whole work under the umbrella of objectives and threats.
  • Competence: AOC is only give management support in activities where AOC has expertise.
  • Confidentiality: All information collected is treated strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

What is a well-done strategy?

  • It is simple.
  • It gives transparency for the decision process and allows concentrating the resources in the implementation time.
  • It is realistic and possible to realise.
  • It is focussed.
  • It makes the difference to the competition.

AOC acts as sparring partner to boards of directors or management boards in the development of strategies in specific situations for example when the company plans to diversify or expand into new products and/or markets. AOC will structure the process, provide best practice examples, and help finding and formulating the new strategy.

Transparency is key. I work target and process oriented. I favour a step-by-step approach, which means dividing the project into several phases with clear timing milestones. Collaboration and integrating all staff concerned in the process is important to me. This will result in practical solutions based on the personnel, organizational and financial resources of the company.